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mask truth

Are you tired of it all?  Have you had enough yet?  You are not alone.

In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
- George Orwell
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Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government, but illegal for the citizenry.
- Thomas Jefferson
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Do What You Are Told, Peons!  Fraudci Has Spoken!

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Masks, Bacteria, Oral Health Problems

Our Children Deserve Better!!!!!!!!!

We shall see how this ages:  Be Prepared for 2021: Good, Bad & VERY Ugly

So what do we do?

We write letters.  We email.  We bombard anything, everything, everyone.  We MEME.  We do not let up, we do not let down.  We show up.  We never give up.   Even if and when it feels pointless, we still do it.  We.. keep.. going.  We research stats.  We post them, we share them.  We NEVER give UP, EVER.  We are in the BATTLE OF OUR LIVES.  Not just our lives, but our children, and our grand and great grand children.  Join all the groups you can.  Share.  Never be afraid to speak what you learn.  Scream it from the highest of rooftops.   WAKE THEM ALL UP.!