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NM, Continued…
Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham

So have the uber, draconian measures of New Mexico actually worked?



NO.  In fact, they've been a massive, abysmal failure of epic proportion.  The leadership of the state of NM should all be fired/recalled and never allowed to serve in public office ever again.

What they have done, and what they continue to do, is beyond any pale, beyond any measure of insanity and cruelty, and shows a complete and total disregard for human life.

EVERY ONE of the public figures behind the restrictions, stay at home orders, lockdowns, etc, draws their salary, as they shut down grocery stores, restaurants, businesses of all orders.

Who can New Mexico thank, other than the Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham?@GovMLG

New Mexico Acting Cabinet Secretary Billy Jimenez

New Mexico Health Secretary Kathyleen M. Kunkle

If you compare NM's data with their neighbor, AZ, who did NOT institute such insane restrictions, you can easily see NM has done EVERYTHING WRONG.

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