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You cannot escape the headlines that scream POSITIVE CASES! EXPLODING CASES! and the like.

These are meant to SCARE you. Keep reading to understand this better, and to understand why you NEEDN'T LIVE IN FEAR!

For example:

Examples of Fear Porn Headlines (Don't fall for it):

12-21-20 Washington Post

KTLA Nov 25, 2020

CNBC 11/25/2020

First, understand a basic premise: "cases" do not equal sickness, nor death. "Cases" have become synonymous with "positives" but this isn't accurate. This has come to pass via a "positive" result on a PCR assay. The PCR is the leading method, the "gold standard," as they say, which is deeply flawed as a measure.

Additionally, a medical professional can deem an individual positive via suspicion. They needn't even test for anything. In fact, they can add Covid to your death cert if there is even an assumption.

In short, cases mean nothing. Never let anything about cases worry you.

"Positive" results, overwhelmingly due to PCR, have been fueling tyrannical decisions. Closures, restrictions, mandates. The death of small business. Bankruptcy, hunger, overdoses, evictions, suicides, missed health appts, and on and on.

This has been almost exclusively based on the PCR assay.

Let's look at what that is and why this is such a horrible path:

PCR tests work by repeatedly doubling the amount of genetic material in the original sample, until there is a detectable quantity of it. Each doubling is referred to as a “cycle”; and the number of cycles or doublings before there is a detectable quantity of genetic material is called the “cycle threshold” (CT or Ct). The larger the amount of viral RNA there is in the sample, the smaller the number of cycles that are required before it can be detected. And since the number of cycles is the CT value, the lower the CT value, the more virus there was in the original sample, and the more likely it is thought to be that the case was actually infectious, rather than still carrying leftover RNA, which is not clinically significant. Clear as mud, ya?

So let's break this down for the layman. The problem is how much the PCR amplifies; ie, the CYCLE THRESHOLD (C/T). When run on TOO MANY cycles, it will pick up virtually anything. Remnants of an old cold even. Compare it to blowing up a picture. If you take a small resolution photo and attempt to make it much, much larger, you end up with a mess. This is not so different.

The United States uses 35-40 C/T. This is super significant; stick it in your head and let's move on...

(Still a little confused? 11 minute explanatory vid:)

What does Fauci have to say about cycle threshhold? (:52)

"If you get a cycle threshhold of 35 or more that the chances of it being replication competent are minuscule." (Replication competent = infectious)


Full video -- view it all, but ESPECIALLY view from 4:00 >>

"We have patients, and it's very frustrating for the patients, as well as for the physicians, somebody comes in and they repeat their PCR and it's like 37 C/T, but you never, you almost never, can culture virus from a 37 C/T so I think if somebody does come in with a 37, 38, even 36, you gotta say, you know, it's just dead nucleotides, period."


Dead nucleotides. If you can't culture it, it ain't alive!

"I conclude it is likely that at current active disease prevalence the positive rRT-PCR results of many “asymptomatic” persons are false positives."

Stanley S Levinson, Ph. D, DABCC, Oct 13, 2020

What does the inventor of PCR have to say?

Dr. Kary Mullis, 1993 Nobel Prize recipient. Date of video unknown, but certainly well before Covid, as Mr. Mullis conveniently died in August 2019. Also see:

Florida was the first state to come to their senses; how long until others do???

World Health Organization finally.. quietly.. owning up.

THE WHO IS OWNING UP, FINALLY. - but quietly...

And so, finally, the WHO is acknowledging the issues with PCR. What took so long? They've known, they've always known. Why isn't this an issue on every newscast? Why doesn't everyone know about this? This is the elephant in the room. They count on you not understanding this. If you understand this, you won't be as afraid. They need you afraid. You will obey if you remain afraid.

WHO Information Notice for IVD Users: Nucleic acid testing (NAT) technologies that use real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for detection of SARS-CoV-2

WHO Finally Admits Covid-19 PCR Test Has A 'Problem'

The PCR Deception:

Backup in case youtube vid is deleted

Panic-Inducing PCR Testing

Update 1-17-2021: The following link now sends you to a "suspended account" because the author was apparently silenced during the Great Purge. The link will be left in the event the author is reinstated.

But wait, what does this mean?

It means that a constant onslaught of propoganda has scared the hell out of many people. Most will not take the time to learn what it all really means.

Most will absorb the headlines and buy into the fear. Once you take the time to learn about testing, what it is comprised of, what its limitations are -- you will see it for what it is. Flawed. Terribly, horribly flawed.

Can our "leaders" admit it now? Of course not. They will stay their course. They will continue this. The media will push it along. The general public will buy it lock, stock and barrel.

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One number could help reveal how infectious a COVID-19 patient is. Should test results include it?

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