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If an honest conversation could be had between a citizen and the regime, it would likely sound much like this:
And so, here we are.

Regime: We’re from the govt and we are here to help!
Citizen: Great, thanks. Why haven’t you developed any treatments for Covid-19?
Regime: Well, we wouldn’t have Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Jab if we had an effective treatment protocol.
Citizen: So citizens worldwide have been denied possible life saving early treatment, so you could Jab everyone under EUA?
Regime: Pretty much.
Citizen: Is that why you demonized those who spoke of HCQ and other possible drugs?
Regime: Pretty much.
Citizen: What about Didier Raoult’s success in France, treating early with HCQ, along with thousands of other doctors?
Regime: We don’t talk about Raoult. Next question.
Citizen: What about Ivermectin?
Regime: We don’t talk about that, either. Next question.
Citizen: Why haven’t you stressed the importance of Vitamin D, knowing it can be a big factor as to who gets ill vs gets extremely ill – especially for darker skinned people?
Regime: That would be too easy and that doesn’t make Big Pharma money. We only pretend to care about dark skinned people. We actually don’t care about any of you.
Citizen: Why haven’t you stressed proper diet, losing weight if obese, the importance of sunshine, activity, non-sedentary life, and healthy diet as natural ways to boost a person’s immune system?
Regime: Didn’t you read our last answer?
Citizen: Very early, circa April 2020, a doctor, Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, spoke up about how ventilators were killing people. Why was he drowned out, attacked, ignored, censored, and ventilators still used, which killed so many? . An article on this also appeared around the same time that was highly censored.
Regime: We needed death. Death helps keep everyone afraid. We couldn’t let that information get out that early. We relented a bit later, when we couldn’t keep a lid on it quite as well.
Citizen: Is this why you were paying hospitals so much money to put people on ventilators?
Regime: Of course. Don’t forget we paid extra for all Covid diagnoses as well, which the PCR test helped dramatically to ensure we would have.
Citizen: How profitable has the Jab been for Big Pharma?
Regime: So far, there are at least 9 new billionaires.
Citizen: Wait. So Big Pharma is making billions, but taxpayer money was spent to make the Jab?
Regime: Of course.
Citizen: Why did you force small business to close, yet allowed big box stores to remain open and in fact, thrive? They made record profits!
Regime: We want small business to fail. We need to wipe them out so we can destroy the middle class. The goal is a two-tier society: you, the prole, and we, the elite.
Citizen: That doesn’t sound like a good thing for the average person.
Regime: No, but it will be good for us. You won’t own a business, a car, nor anything. You will work where we want you to work, live where we say you should live, eat what we allow you to eat. You will take whatever Jab we dictate or we will reduce you to nothing. Why do you think China and BlackRock own such a vast amount of property in the USA? Why do you think our globalist friend Bill Gates owns more farmland than anyone? Why do you think we’re pushing the utter insanity of cow farts causing climate change? We don’t want you to have food we can’t control. You will eat fake meat and bugs.
Citizen: You don’t think we will rise against that?
Regime: Of course not. You showed us your lack of spine when we told you to put masks on and you did. Not only did you do that willingly, but you got mad at fellow Americans for not doing so. Not only that, but you put them on your children. We really had a good laugh at that. Surely you know we don’t wear masks, lol. We only do it for the cameras. We’ve been busted time and time again, but we indoctrinated the maskers SO WELL that it doesn’t matter. All we had to do was repeat MASK MASK MASK over and over again in the media, in addition to the groundwork of fear we had laid, and it fell into place beautifully. We never even had to present any real studies. One of our greatest successes. Even surprised us a bit.
Citizen: But you know masks can present significant health risks for the wearer, and especially for children, athletes and others, but you didn’t care?
Regime: No. We need people wearing masks. We need a constant visual reminder that something is wrong. We need to keep you uneasy, worried. We do our best work when you are afraid.
Citizen: Why are you allowing Covid inoculations to continue despite alarming numbers of injuries, hospitalizations and even deaths? Swine Flu inoculations were stopped in 9 states after only 3 deaths. .
Regime: Swine flu was a test run. We weren’t ready for the rest of our plans yet.
Citizen: Why did you pass 42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22, "No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings." ???
Regime: We protect Big Pharma; they’re big money and big power.
Citizen: Why did you skew Covid death stats so outrageously, including suicides, car crashes, etc and putting Covid on death certificates where it clearly should not have been?
Regime: The short answer is we needed the populace terrified. We really loved CNN’s Covid death ticker tape. Great touch!
Citizen: Why did you use the PCR test at a ridiculously high cycle as the “gold standard” of testing, knowing it could easily be picking up old cold remnants and was therefore giving many, many false positives?
Regime: Do you think the average citizen understands these things lol? Of course not. When we can’t report high death numbers, we need to report high CASE numbers. This is how we get them. The general public doesn’t understand; they’re just afraid and that’s what we are after.
Citizen: Did you somehow kill Kerry Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test and Nobel Prize winner, who died in August 2019?
Regime: You’ll never know.
Citizen: The timing of his death, Aug 2019, at age 74, is seen as suspicious, especially considering his history with Tony Fauci. In fact, he accused Fauci of misusing his PCR test with HIV in the exact way it is being misused now. In the case of AIDS, to amp up HIV in people in order to “prove” it caused AIDS. (@2:45) (see video)
Regime: Oh, citizen. So very few are aware of any of this, lol. People will not seek out this information. They forgot about AIDS. We’ve made Tony Fauci a God among the people. He’s long been our puppet. We own him.
Citizen: But he has never treated so much as a single Covid patient!?
Regime: Americans are stupid. He’s an un-elected bureaucrat who makes +$400K per year to push our agendas. He’s perfect. He loves himself so much.
Citizen: How did you get so many medical “professionals” to follow your guidance in lockstep?
Regime: We groom them from their first day of medical school. For those that break away, we censor them and destroy their careers. We paint them as lunatics. Expert one day, crazy person the next if they dare defy us. We get them fired. We get their research funding pulled. We have many ways to keep them in line.
Citizen: What about the FrontLine doctors?
Regime: We don’t like them.
Citizen: How do you get the media to all sound the same, and all say the same things?
Regime: We own them. You didn’t think Operation Mockingbird ever stopped, did you?
Citizen: How do you get the social media platforms to do your bidding, censoring, blocking, etc?
Regime. Didn’t you read our last answer? Refer to that. They know what’s good for them. They don’t want to end up proles, like you will, average citizen.
Citizen: Why aren’t White House staff required to take the Jab?
Regime: One rule for us, a different rule for you.
Citizen: Why are you ignoring natural immunity?
Regime: We will Jab all proles; natural immunity or not, all colors and creeds, pregnant, young and old. You will submit to any and all Jabs we tell you to take. None of this is about a virus, lol.
Citizen: What is your end game?
Regime: Total government control of all proles. One world government. One world police force. One world currency. One world healthcare. Communism on steroids. You will submit or we will take everything away from you, bit by bit. We will tax you beyond your ability to pay, and then we will take what you thought you owned. We will leave you in the street starving. You will comply or you will die. You will be completely dependent on the regime.
Citizen: How do you intend to do this? Is this part of why you are letting so many people come into the USA from the southern border?
Regime: Yes! It is but one part of the plan, but a big part. These immigrants will invade your cities. They will stress your tax rolls to the extreme. Their children will come into your schools and your property taxes will skyrocket. (That’ll help us in obtaining your property, because many will go into foreclosure eventually. Incidentally, that’s what the rent / mortgage moratorium is designed to help with, as well. People thought that was to help them, hahaha… No. It was to bankrupt the property owner.) They will be given free housing, healthcare, welfare. This will break the middle class’s backs. The middle class will descend into poverty. The poor will become more poor and eventually it will all even out – all will be proles and under our control.
Citizen: That’s vile. Why didn’t we see this coming?
Regime: Oh, citizen, you should have. You were warned so many times. We distracted you with drugs, depression, alcohol. We begun indoctrinating your children in public school some time ago, but you didn’t notice until recently. We invaded colleges decades ago and implanted far left ideology there. We made pornography mainstream and made fun of its detractors by calling them “prudes.” We attacked the church to destroy your faith and feed your depression. We sold you pills of every kind, every variety, when life was just.. “too hard.” You took them. You gave them to your kids. We pushed agendas in support of sex change and ignored mental health. We made obesity normal and okay, even though it is the #1 killer, even above smoking. We created false narratives to create divides, whether it was by politics, race, gender or any reason we could find, because if we keep you arguing amongst yourselves, you will not rise up to us.
We have done so, so many things to destroy you – over decades! – and you were largely too busy to notice, or too distracted by narratives that WE created. We are better at this than you, because we control the world. We control its money and all those with money. We control almost every politician. We control the media. You will lose.
Citizen: Is there any way we can win this?
Regime: Probably not but… there is strength in numbers. You actually far outnumber us. We know that. If you are to succeed, you must quit arguing among the divides that we created and propagate. Join together. Turn off the TV so our influence into your hearts and minds is reduced or eliminated. Talk to your neighbors. Find alternative media and social platforms. Show up for local school board and city meetings. Take to the streets. Disobey. Do not comply. Do not wear the mask. Do not take our Jab. Reject it all. Be strong. (We hate that.) Get your financial affairs in order, so we can’t threaten you with foreclosure, eviction, etc. Do NOT become dependent on us, the regime! Once we have you dependent, we gotcha. You’ll never escape.
Citizen: This has sure been a lovely chat.
Regime: Regime has left the chat.

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